Breast Magnetic Resonance Imaging Indications in Current Practice


Although mammography is the primary imaging modality for the breast, it has its limitations especially withdense breast parenchyma. Breast magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) has evolved into an important adjunctivetool as it is currently the most sensitive technique for breast cancer detection. Despite this high sensitivity, overlapin the appearances of some benign and malignant breast lesions results in additional unnecessary interventionwith negative results. These false positives, in addition to high cost and limited availability, necessitate establishingproper indications for breast MRI. The literature was here reviewed for recent clinical trials, meta-analyses andreview papers which have studied this important subject. PubMed; the US national library of medicine, wasutilized to review the literature in the last twenty years. Using the obtained information, current uses of breastMRI are discussed in this paper to determine the indications which are relevant to clinical practice.