Effects of Tissue Factor, PAR-2 and MMP-9 Expression on Human Breast Cancer Cell Line MCF-7 Invasion


Objective: This study aimed to explore the expression of tissue factor (TF), protease activated receptor-2(PAR-2), and matrix metalloproteinase-9 (MMP-9) in the MCF-7 breast cancer cell line and influence oninvasiveness.
Methods: Stable MCF-7 cells transfected with TF cDNA and with TF ShRNA were established.TF, PAR-2, and MMP-9 protein expression was analyzed using indirect immunofluorescence and invasivenesswas evaluated using a cell invasion test. Effects of an exogenous PAR-2 agonist were also examined.
Results: TFprotein expression significantly differed between the TF cDNA and TF ShRNA groups. MMP-9 protein expressionwas significantly correlated with TF protein expression, but PAR-2 protein expression was unaffected. The PAR-2 agonist significantly enhanced MMP-9 expression and slightly increased TF and PAR-2 expression in the TFShRNA group, but did not significantly affect protein expression in MCF-7 cells transfected with TF cDNA. TFand MMP-9 expression was positively correlated with the invasiveness of tumor cells.
Conclusion: TF, PAR-2,and MMP-9 affect invasiveness of MCF-7 cells. TF may increase MMP-9 expression by activating PAR-2.