Non-Association of IL-16 rs4778889 T/C Polymorphism with Cancer Risk in Asians: a Meta-analysis


The IL-16 rs4778889 T/C polymorphism is associated with cancer risk. However, the results are conflicting.We performed this meta-analysis to derive a more precise estimation of the relationship. A comprehensiveliterature search was performed using PubMed, Embase and Web of Science databases. Odds ratio (OR) and95% confidence interval (CI) were used to assess the strength of association. A total of 6 studies including 1,603cases and 2,342 controls were identified. With all studies involved, results showed no statistically significantassociation between IL-16 rs4778889 T/C polymorphism and cancer risk (CC vs. CT+TT: OR=0.74, 95%CI:0.55-1.02, Ph=0.15; CC+CT vs. TT: OR=0.89, 95%CI: 0.72-1.10, Ph =0.03; CC vs. TT: OR=0.73, 95%CI: 0.53-1.00, Ph =0.08; CT vs. TT: OR=0.91, 95%CI: 0.79-1.05, Ph =0.08; C vs. T: OR=0.89, 95%CI: 0.74-1.07, Ph =0.02).In addition, the results were not changed when studies were stratified by cancer type. However, to verify ourfindings, it is essential to perform more well-designed studies with larger sample sizes in the future.