Comparison of Cervical Cell Morphology Using Two Different Cytology Techniques for Early Detection of Pre-Cancerous Lesions


Cervical cancer is an issue of foremost importance globally, specifically affecting the developing nations.Significant advances have taken place with regard to diagnosis of cervical cancer, especially with screening.Appropriate screening measures can thus reduce the incidence of cervical cancer. The most desirable screeningtechnique should be less invasive, easy to perform, cost-effective and cover a wide range of diagnostic icons.Manual liquid based cytology (MLBC) can be considered as one of the suitable technique for screening withthe above-mentioned benefits. The aim of the current study was to compare two cervical screening techniqueson the basis of different morphological parameters and staining parameters by using modified acetic acid Papstaining to see the possibility of reducing time economy involved in conventional Pap staining (CPS). The studywas conducted on a total 88 cases and all were analyzed with both MLBC and CPS. Forty eight cases that wereregarded as satisfactory on the basis of Bethesda system by both methods were further recruited for investigation.Their morphological parameters and staining quality were compared and scored according to a scoring systemdefined in the study. Quality indices was calculated for both staining procedures and smear techniques.