The Research Progress of the Interactions between miRNA and Wnt/beta-catenin Signaling Pathway in Breast Cancer of Human and Mice


MicroRNA expression is a research focus in studies of tumors. This article concentrates attention on potentiallinks between tumors caused by mouse mammary tumor virus (MMTV) and human breast cancer, in orderto provide theoretical basis for using mouse model to search for miRNA effects mediated by Wnt/beta-cateninsignaling in human breast cancer. By analyzing interactions between miRNAs and the Wnt/beta-catenin signalingpathway in breast cancer, we hope to casts light on more biological functions of miRNAs in the process of tumorformation and growth and to explore their potential value in cancer diagnosis, prognosis and treatment. Ourendeavor aimed at providing theoretical basis for finding safer, more effective methods for treatment of humanbreast cancer at the miRNA molecular level.