Experiences of Nursing Students in Caring for Pediatric Cancer Patients


Background: This study was performed to determine the experiences of nursing students in caring forpaediatric cancer patients and their families. Materials and
Methods: This qualitative survey was carried outwith 14 students studying in the nursing department of the Faculty of Health Sciences of a university in Edirne,Turkey. Data were obtained through focus group interviews and evaluated based on a qualitative content analysis.
Results: It was determined that students, for the most part, experienced problems related to communication,sadness, helplessness, fear, anxiety, resentment and anger. In addition, the students were affected most often byeffects of the disease and invasive procedures on paediatric cancer patients and their families during the processof caring for them in the oncology clinic.
Conclusions: It would be useful to inform nursing students, prior toclinical practice, about the special needs of paediatric cancer patients and families who stay in oncology clinics,and to follow up with appropriate guidance during the clinical practices.