Importance of Volumetric Measurement Processes in Oncology Imaging Trials for Screening and Evaluation of Tumors as Per Response Evaluation Criteria in Solid Tumors


Cancer, like any disease, is a pathologic biological process. Drugs are designed to interfere with the pathologicprocess and should therefore also be validated using a functional screening method directed at these processes.Screening for cancers at an appropriate time and also evaluating results is also very important. Volumetricmeasurement helps in better screening and evaluation of tumors. Volumetry is a process of quantification of thetumors by identification (pre-cancerous or target lesion) and measurement. Volumetric image analysis allowsan accurate, precise, sensitive, and medically valuable assessment of tumor response. It also helps in identifyingpossible outcomes such disease progression (PD) or complete response as per Response Evaluation Criteria inSolid Tumors (RECIST).