Comparison of Crude and Age-Specific Incidence Rates of Breast, Ovary, Endometrium and Cervix Cancers in Iran, 2005


Background: Cancer accounts for 12.6% of total deaths in the world (just after heart disease). Materials and
Methods: Frequency and age-specific incidence rates of breast and gynecologic cancers in Iran are calculatedbased on the dataset of the National Cancer Registry of Iran in 2005.
Results: Gynecologic and breast canceraccounted for 7.6% and 25.6% of total cancer cases, respectively. Ovarian cancer was the most frequentgynecologic cancer followed by endometrium. Endometrial cancer revealed the highest age specific incidencerate followed by ovary (after 59 years).
Conclusions: Regarding disease burden, breast and gynecologic casesaccount for 33.4% of total cancer patients. The age specific incidence rate is a useful guide in epidemiologic andfuture plans.