Effects of Ubiquitin-conjugating Enzyme 2C on Invasion, Proliferation and Cell Cycling of Lung Cancer Cells


The aims of this study were to investigate the influence of ubiquitin- conjugating enzyme E2C (UBE2C) onbiological behavior of lung cancer cells. Using MTT, flow cytometry and invasion assays, we detected UBE2Cexpression and evaluated its biological properties in these cells, including effects on proliferation, the cellcycle profile and invasive capability. Compared with control cells, the UBE2C transfected cells demonstratedincreased cellular proliferation (p<0.05). UBE2C transfected cells also had a lower percentage in G1 phase anda higher percentage in S phase (p<0.05). Importantly, the UBE2C transfected cells had a notable enhancementof cell numbers penetrating the basement membrane compared with the control group (p<0.05). Ectopic upregulationUBE2C promoted the growth of lung cancer cells in vivo. Furthermore, we found UBE2C increasedthe expression of cyclin D1 and MMP-2. These results show UBE2C may represent a potential therapeutic targetfor lung cancer.