Determining Nursing Student Knowledge, Behavior and Beliefs for Breast Cancer and Breast Self-examination Receiving Courses with Two Different Approaches


Background: This study aimed to determine nursing student knowledge, behavior and beliefs for breast cancerand breast self-examination receiving courses with a traditional lecturing method (TLM) and the Six ThinkingHats method (STHM). Materials and
Methods: The population of the study included a total of 69 second yearnursing students, 34 of whom received courses with traditional lecturing and 35 of whom received training withthe STHM, an active learning approach. The data of the study were collected pre-training and 15 days and 3months post-training. The data collection tools were a questionnaire form questioning socio-demographic features,and breast cancer and breast self-examination (BSE) knowledge and the Champion’s Health Belief Model Scale.The tests used in data analysis were chi-square, independent samples t-test and paired t-test.
Results: The meanknowledge score following traditional lecturing method increased from 9.32±1.82 to 14.41±1.94 (P<0.001) andit increased from 9.20±2.33 to 14.73±2.91 after training with the Six Thinking Hats Method (P<0.001). It wasdetermined that there was a significant increase in pre and post-training perceptions of perceived confidencein both groups. There was a statistically significant difference between pre-training, and 15 days and 3 monthspost-training frequency of BSE in the students trained according to STHM (p<0.05). On the other hand, therewas a statistically significant difference between pre-training and 3 months post-training frequency of BSE in thestudents trained according to TLM.
Conclusions: In both training groups, the knowledge of breast cancer andBSE, and the perception of confidence increased similarly. In order to raise nursing student awareness in breastcancer, either of the traditional lecturing method or the Six Thinking Hats Method can be chosen according tothe suitability of the teaching material and resources.