Lack of Prognostic Value of Blood Parameters in Patients Receiving Adjuvant Radiotherapy for Breast Cancer


Aim: To determine prognostic value of blood parameters on overall and progression-free survival in casesreceived adjuvant radiotherapy and chemotherapy with diagnosis of stage I-III breast cancer. Materials and
Methods: We retrospectively reviewed files of 350 patients with non-metastatic breast cancer who were treatedin the Radiation Oncology Department of Kayseri Teaching Hospital between 2005 and 2010. Pretreatmentwhite blood cell (WBC), neutrophil, monocyte, basophil and eosinophil counts, and the neutrophil/lymphocyteratio (NLR) and platelet lymphocyte ratio (PLR) were recorded. The relationship between clinicopathologicalfindings and blood parameters was assessed.
Results: Overall, 344 women and 6 men were recruited. Median agewas 55.3±0.3 years (range: 22-86). Of the cases, 243 (61.4%) received radiotherapy while 329 (94.3%), receivedchemotherapy and 215 (61.4%) received hormone therapy. Mean overall survival (OS) and progression-freesurvival (PFS) was 84.4 and 78.8 months, respectively. During follow-up, 48 patients died due to either diseaserelatedor non-related causes. Local recurrence was detected in 14 cases, while distant metastasis was noted in45 cases. In univariate analysis, age, pathology, perinodal invasion were significantly associated with overallsurvival, whereas gender, stage and hormone therapy were significantly associated with progression-free survival.In multivariate analysis, histopathological diagnosis (OR: 0.3; 95%: 0.1-0.7; p=0.006) and perinodal invasion(OR: 0.1; 95% CI: 0.1-1.3; p=0.026) were significantly associated with overall survival, whereas tumor stage(OR: 2.1; 95% CI: 0.0-0.7; p=0.014) and hormone therapy (OR: 2.1; 95%: 1.2-3.8; p=0.010) were significantlyassociated with progression-free survival.
Conclusions: It was found that serum inflammatory markers includingWBC, neutrophil, lymphocyte and monocyte counts, and NLR and PLR had no effect on prognosis in patientswith breast cancer who underwent surgery and received adjuvant radiotherapy and chemotherapy.