A Novel Monoclonal Antibody Induces Cancer Cell Apoptosis and Enhances the Activity of Chemotherapeutic Drugs


A novel monoclonal antibody (mAb), known as AC10364, was identified from an antibody library generatedby immunization of mice with human carcinoma cells. The mAb recognized proteins in lysates from multiplecarcinoma cell lines. Cell cytotoxicity assays showed that AC10364 significantly inhibited cell growth and inducedapoptosis in multiple carcinoma cell lines, including Bel/fu, KATO-III and A2780. Compared with mAb AC10364or chemotherapeutic drugs alone, the combination of mAb AC10364 with chemotherapeutic drugs demonstratedenhanced growth inhibitory effects on carcinoma cells. These results suggest that mAb AC10364 is a promisingcandidate for cancer therapy.