Lack of any Prognostic Relationship between Adiponectin Receptor (Adipo R1/R2) Expression for Early/ Advanced Stage Gastric Cancer


Introduction: Adiponectin (ApN) is a complement C1q-related protein, mainly secreted from adipose tissue,that signals through ApN receptor1 (Adipo-R1) and ApN receptor 2 (Adipo-R2). Low serum ApN concentrationsare associated with obesity-related malignancies. However, there are very few studies on any prognostic roleof ApN receptors in gastric cancer.
Objectives: The aim of this study is to investigate the relationship betweenAdipoR1/R2 expression and early/advanced stage gastric cancer in terms of clinicopathologic characteristicsand survival. Materials and
Methods: Eighteen patients with early and 39 with advanced stage gastric cancerwho underwent surgical gastric resection were included in this study.
Results: Adipo-R1 expression was low in2 of the 18 patients with early stage gastric cancer (11.1%), while 4 had low Adipo-R2 expression (22.2%). Inthose with advanced stage gastric cancer, 7 of 39 had low Adipo-R1 expression (17.9%) and 16 had low Adipo-R2expression (41%). Adipo-R2 expression was significantly higher (p=0.011) in moderately differentiated tumorswhen compared to well-differentiated tumors. While there was nearly a statistically significant relationshipbetween TNM stage (T, tumor size; N, regional lymph node; M, whether distant metastases exist) and Adipo-R2expression (p=0.054), there was no relationship between Adipo-R1/-R2 expression with tumor stage and survival.
Conclusion: Adipo-R1/-R2 expression has no prognostic significance of in early/advanced stage gastric cancer.