Association of Cyclin D1 Variants with Head and Neck Cancer Susceptibility: Evidence from a Meta-analysis


Whether cyclin D1 (CCND1) gene variants increase susceptibility to head and neck cancer (HNC) isundetermined. Therefore, we performed the present meta-analysis to systematically assess any possibleassociation between CCND1 variants (G870A and G1722C) and HNC risk. Seventeen studies for CCND1 G870Aand three studies for CCND1 G1722C were included. Overall, CCND1 polymorphisms (G870A and G1722C)had no association with increased HNC risk (p>0.05). In the subgroup analysis by smoking status, significantlyincreased HNC risk was found among smokers under allele contrast, homozygous comparison and recessivemodels (p<0.05), smoking carriers of A allele and AA genotype appearing at elevated risk. In conclusion, whilethere was overall a lack of any association between CCND1 polymorphisms (G870A and G1722C) and HNCrisk, smokers carrying the A allele and AA genotype of the CCND1 G870A polymorphism may be susceptibleto HNC development.