Lack of any Prognostic Role of Insulin-Like Growth Factor-1 Receptor in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer


Background: The purpose of this study is to determine whether the IGF1R expression has a prognostic role innon-small cell lung cancer. Materials and
Methods: Forty-seven patients histopathologically diagnosed with smallcell lung cancer upon bronchoscopic biopsy or resection materials were included in the study. IGF1R expressionwas examined via immunohistochemical methods. In samples, >10% staining were assessed as positive and ≤10%as negative. Information about demographic datas and treatments was obtained by retrospective searches ofpatient files.
Results: IGF1R expression was determined as positive in 38 (80.9%) and as negative in 9 (19.1%)patients. There was no significant relation between IGF1R expression and histological sub-type, local invasion,lymph node and metastasis status (p=0.842, p=0.437, 0.064, 0.447, respectively). There was also no correlationwith IGF1R expression and survival (p=0.141).
Conclusions: There are conflicting results between IGF1R andits prognostic effects in the various studies. It has been claimed in some studies it is not related to prognosis asin our study, and in some studies it has been claimed that it is a good prognostic factor whereas in some studiesit has been claimed as being a factor for worse prognosis. We think that IGF1R expression in non-small cell lungcarcinoma patients deserves further analysis, because of its potential prognostic and predictive roles.