Serum Adiponectin but not Leptin at Diagnosis as a Predictor of Breast Cancer Survival


Limited numbers of epidemiological studies have examined the relationship between adipokines and breast cancer survival. Preoperative serum levels of obesity-related adipokines (leptin and adiponectin) were here measured in 370 breast cancer patients, recruited from two hospitals in Korea. We examined the association between those adipokines and disease-free survival (DFS). The TNM stage, ER status and histological grade were aslo assessed in relation to breast cancer survival. Elevated adiponectin levels were associated with reducedDFS of breast cancer (Ptrend=0.03) among patients with normal body weight, predominantly in postmenopausal women. There was no association of leptin with breast cancer survival. In conclusion, our study suggests that high levels of adiponectin at diagnosis are associated with breast cancer survival among women with normal body weight.