Adiponectin Receptor 1 (ADIPOR1) rs1342387 Polymorphism and Risk of Cancer: a Meta-analysis


Many studies have indicated possible associations between a polymorphism of adiponectin receptor 1(ADIPOR1) rs1342387 and risk of cancer, but contradictory results have been reported. The main aim ofthis study was to draw a reliable conclusion about the relationship between the rs1342387 polymorphism andcancer incidence, by conducting a literature search of Pubmed, Embase, Wanfang and Cochrane libraries.Eleven studies including 3, 738 cases and 4, 748 controls were identified in this meta-analysis. The ADIPOR1rs1342387 polymorphism was associated with risk of colorectal cancer for all genetic comparison models (GGvs AA, OR: 1.44, 95%CI: 1.21 -1.70; G carriers vs A carriers, OR: 1.23, 95%CI: 1.11 -1.36; dominant model,OR: 1.28, 95%CI: 1.10 -1.49 and recessive model, OR: 1.31, 95%CI: 1.12 -1.55). Stratified by ethnicity, thers1342387 polymorphism was significantly associated with risk of colorectal cancer in Asian ancestry for allgenetic comparison models (GG vs AA, OR: 1.56, 95%CI: 1.26-1.92; G carriers vs. A carriers OR: 1.30, 95%CI:1.18 -1.43; dominant model OR: 1.31, 95%CI: 1.08 -1.60 and recessive model OR: 1.44, 95%CI: 1.26 -1.64), butnot in Caucasian or mixed (Caucasian mainly) groups. In summary, the ADIPOR1 rs1342387 polymorphism issignificantly associated with risk of colorectal cancer among individuals of Asian ancestry.