Meta Analysis of Association of the IL-17F rs763780T>C Gene Polymorphism with Cancer Risk


Purpose: To investigate the association of IL-17F rs763780T>C with cancer risk. Materials and
Methods: Wesearched the Cochrane Central Library, PubMed, MEDLINE, EMBASE, CNKI (China National KnowledgeInfrastructure) and WangFang databases until May 2014 for a meta-analysis conducted using RevMan 5.2software.
Results: A total of ten papers were included into this meta analysis, involving 3, 336 cases and 4, 217healthy people. There were no significant differences on association of IL-17F rs763780T>C polymorphism withcancer risk except in the CC vs TT genetic model. Although the the risk in the gastric cancer group is higherthan that in control group, there were no significant differences on the association of IL-17F rs763780T>Cpolymorphism with other cancers.
Conclusions: Our meta analysis reveal the IL-17A rs763780T>C genepolymorphism is involved in risk of gastric cancer but not other tumor types.