Investigation of Association between oipA and iceA1/iceA2 Genotypes of Helicobacter pylori and Gastric Cancer in Iran


Background: H pylori is the main causative agent of Gastric cancer and chronic gastritis. Genetic diversityof H. pylori has major contribution in its pathogenesis. We investigated the prevalence of oipA and iceA1/iceA2positive strains of H. pylori among patients with gastric cancer and gastritis. Materials and
Methods: Samplingperformed by means of endoscopy from 86 patients. DNA was extracted from tissue samples using DNA extractionkit. PCR assay was performed and products were monitored by Agarose Gel Electrophoresis.
Results: UreaseTest and 16S rRNA PCR did not show significant differences in detection of H. pylori. The frequency of iceA1allele in patients with gastric cancer was significantly higher than those with gastritis (p<0.05). However, therewas no significant difference in prevalence of oipA and iceA2 genes among the two groups of patients (p>0.05).
Conclusions: The iceA1 gene, but the oipA and iceA2 genes , is associated with H. pylori-induced gastric cancer.However, confirmatory studies must be performed in future.