Colorectal Cancer Incidence and Mortality in China, 2010


Background: The National Central Cancer Registry of China (NCCR) affiliated to the Bureau of DiseaseControl, National Health and Family Planning Commission of China is responsible for cancer surveillancein the entire country. Cancer registration data from each local registry located in each province are collectedby NCCR annually to be analyzed and published to provide useful information for policy makers and cancerresearchers. Materials and
Methods: Until 1st June, 2013, 219 population-based cancer registries submitteddata of 2010 to the National Central Cancer Registry of China covering about 207,229,403 population, and 145cancer registries were selected after quality evaluation for this study. Colorectal cancer cases were selected fromthe database according to ICD-10 coded as “C18-C20”. We calculated the crude incidence and mortality ratesby sex, age groups and location (urban/rural). The China population in 2000 and Segi’s population were usedas standardized populations for the calculation of age-standardized rates. The 6th National Population Censusdata of China was used to combined with the cancer registries’ data to estimate the colorectal cancer burden inChina in 2010.
Results: Colorectal cancer was the sixth most common cancer in China. It was estimated that therewere 274,841 new cases diagnosed in 2010 (157,355 in males and 117,486 in females), with the crude incidencerate of 20.1/100,000, highest in males in urban areas. Age-standardized rates by China standard population of2000 (ASRcn) and World standard population (Segi’s population, ASRwld) for incidence were 16.1/100,000 and15.9/100,000 respectively. There were 132,110 cases estimated to have died from colorectal cancer in China in2010 (76,646 men and 55,464 women) with the crude mortality rate of 10.1/100,000. The ASRcn and ASRwldfor mortality were 7.55/100,000 and 7.44/100,000 respectively, higher in males and urban areas than in femalesand rural areas. The incidence and mortality rates increased with age, reaching peaksin the 80-84 year old, andoldest age groups, respectively.
Conclusions: Colorectal cancer is one of the most common incident cancers andcause of cancer death in China. Primary and secondary prevention, with attention to a health lifestyle, physicalactivity and screening should be enhanced in the general population.