Lack of Prognostic Significance of SOCS-1 Expression in Colorectal Adenocarcinomas


Introduction: Recent studies have indicated that down-regulation of the suppressor of cytokine signaling-1(SOCS-1) gene results in tumor formation and that SOCS-1 acts as a tumor suppressor gene. SOCS-1 has beenalso suggested to function as a tumor suppressor with colorectal cancer.
Objectives: In the present study, weaimed to determine the association of SOCS-1 expression in colorectal cancer tissues with clinicopathologiccharacteristics immunohistochemically and also to identify its prognostic significance. Materials and
Methods:SOCS-1 expression was studied immunohistochemically in 67 patients diagnosed with resected colorectalcarcinomas and 30 control subjects.
Results: SOCS-1 expression was found in 46.3% of tumor tissues and 46.7%of the control group. Statistical analyses did not establish any significant association between SOCS-1 expressionand clinicopathologic characteristics. Also, no significant association with SOCS-1 expression was found usingprogression-free survival and overall survival analyses (p=0.326 and p=0.360, respectively).
Conclusions: Ourresults show that SOCS-1 has no prognostic significance in colorectal cancer.