Ovarian Malignancy Probability Score (OMPS) for Appropriate Referral of Adnexal Masses


Background: Ovarian cancer is the most common cancer cause of gynecologic cancer deaths. In order toincrease the likelihood of patient survival through primary operation by gyneco-oncologists, an appropriatealgorithm for referral is considered here. Materials and
Methods: Suspicious adnexal mass cases including ovarianmalignancy probability score-1 (OMPS1) scores between 2.3-3.65 are re-evaluated by OMPS2. Sensitivity andspecificity of each score were determined.
Results: Sensitivity and specificity with a 3.82 score of OMPS2 in thestudied subgroup (OMPS1 scores between 2.3-3.65) were 64% and 76.9% respectively.
Conclusions: Managementof OMPS1 scores of below 2.3 with sensitivity of 100% and above 3.65 with specificity of 72.9% is clear. In thesubgroup of cases with OMPS1 score between 2.3-3.65, OMPS2 is helpful for triage with a cutoff score of 3.82.