Effect of Route of Preoperative Biopsy on Endoscopic Submucosal Dissection for Patients with Early Gastric Cancer


Objective: To observe and compare the effects of multi-patch biopsy under conventional white light imagingendoscopy (C-WLI) and precise targeted biopsy under magnifying narrow-band imaging endoscopy (M-NBI)on the endoscopic submucosal dissection (ESD) of early gastric cancers and intraepithelial neoplasias.
Methods:According to the way of selecting biopsy specimens, patients were divided into C-WLI and M-NBI groups, 20cases. The ESD operations of the 2 groups were compared quantitively.
Results: The mean frequency of biopsyin M-NBI group was (1.00±0.00), obviously lower than in the C-WLI group (4.78±1.02) (P<0.01).The averagetotal number of selected biopsy specimens was also fewer (1.45±0.12 and 7.82±2.22, respectively, P<0.01).There was no significant difference in the time of determining excision extension, marking time and the time ofspecimen excision of 2 groups during the ESD (P>0.05), whereas submucosal injection time, mucosal dissectiontime, stopping bleeding time, wound processing time in the M-NBI group were significantly shorter than in theC-WLI group (P<0.01).
Conclusion: Precise targeted biopsy under M-NBI can obviously shorten the time ofESD operation, with small quantity of tissues but high pathological positive rate.