Structural Maintenance of Chromosomes 4 is a Predictor of Survival and a Novel Therapeutic Target in Colorectal Cancer


Background: Structural maintenance of chromosomes 4 (SMC-4) is a chromosomal ATPase which playsan important role in regulate chromosome assembly and segregation. However, the role of SMC-4 in theincidence of malignancies, especially colorectal cancer is still poorly understood. Materials and
Methods: Wehere used quantitative PCR and Western blot analysis to examine SMC-4 mRNA and protein levels in primarycolorectal cancer and paired normal colonic mucosa. SMC-4 clinicopathological significance was assessed byimmunohistochemical staining in a tissue microarray (TMA) in which 118 cases of primary colorectal cancerwere paired with noncancerous tissue. The biological function of SMC-4 knockdown was measured by CCK8and plate colony formation assays. Fluorescence detection has been used to detect cell cycling and apoptosis.
Results: SMC-4 expression was significantly higher in colorectal cancer and associated with T stage, N stage,AJCC stage and differentiation. Knockdown of SMC-4 expression significantly suppressed the proliferation ofcancer cells and degraded its malignant degree.
Conclusions: Our clinical and experimental data suggest thatSMC-4 may contribute to the progression of colorectal carcinogenesis. Our study provides a new therapeutictarget for colorectal cancer treatment.