Common Cancers in Khuzestan Province, South West of Iran, during 2005-2011


Cancer is the third highest cause of premature mortality in Iran. We aimed to determine trend of commoncancers in Khuzestan province, Iran.
Methods: It was a hospital based survey on 4065 subjects from their hospitalfiles, those had registered as cancer case in Shafa hospital which has known as a biggest center of cancer inkhuzestan province, Iran during 2005-2011.All data has entered by SPSS (version 19), descriptive statistic andadjusted odds ratio of common cancers for age and sex were calculated from multiple logistic regression model.
Results: From all subjects; (51% & 49%) were male and female respectively. The most frequent age groupwas 60-50 years and common cancers were breast 16%, colorectal 6.3%, blood 2%, lung 8% and stomach 8%.
Conclusion: Prevalence of cancers has increased markedly with age in Khuzestan Providence. Therefore, it isessential to prevent through early prevention, using screening and identifying cases in initial stages.