Relationship between Body Image and Breast Self-examination Intentions and Behaviors among Female University Students in Malaysia


This study aimed to examine the relationship between body image satisfaction and breast self-screening
behaviors and intentions. The sample for this cross-sectional study consisted of 842 female university students
who were recruited from a number of public and private universities. Data were obtained between the months
of November and December, 2013, using multistage random cluster sampling. Main research variables were
breast cancer screening behavior and intentions, demographic factors, and the total scores on each of the
Multidimensional Body-Self Relations Questionnaire (MBSRQ-Appearance Scales) subscales. Results of
multivariate analysis showed that having higher satisfaction and more positive evaluation of appearance were
related to having performed breast self-examination more frequently in the last year and intending to perform
breast self-examination more frequently in the next year. Longitudinal research can potentially provide detailed
information about overall body image satisfaction and breast cancer screening behavior among various