Does the Impairment of Functional Life Increase the Probability of Suicide in Cancer Patients?


Background: Cancer affects patients in many ways including physical, social, emotional, psychological andeconomic and restricts the functional lives. Psychiatric problems seen among cancer patients may increase thesuicide probability and patients perceive suicide as a peaceful death type. The aim of this study was to examinethe correlation between functional life and suicide probability among cancer patients. Materials and
Methods:This study was conducted with 105 cancer patients as descriptive. The Functional Living Index_Cancer (FLIC),“suicide probability scale” (SPS) and personal information form were used as data collecting tools. Data wereevaluated by descriptive analysis, and Pearson’s correlation.
Results: It was determined that 34.3% of patientsthought of suicide. Significant negative correlation was found between functional life and suicide probability(r=-.641, p=0.000), increase being evident in those with poor functional life.
Conclusions: It is recommendedthat cancer patients should be supported for improving their functional lives with help in coping processes forillness and treatment symptoms. Evaluation of the patient mental status to prevent the suicide among this groupis an important role for nurses.