Variables that Affect the Satisfaction of Brazilian Women with External Breast Prostheses after Mastectomy


Background: : In 2012, the breast cancer estimate worldwide stood at 1.67 million new cases, these accountingfor 25% of all types of cancer diagnosed in women. For 2014, 57,120 new cases are expected, with a risk estimatedat 56.1 cases for every 100,000 women. The objective of this study was to analyze the satisfaction regarding theuse of external breast prostheses by women undergoing mastectomy. Materials and
Methods: This cross-sectionalstudy was conducted with 76 women who used an external breast prosthesis (EBP), registered in the services of theCuiaba Center for Comprehensive Rehabilitation, Mato Grosso, Brazil, from 2009 to 2012. Data were collectedfrom the records of women who had requested the opening of a process of external breast prosthesis concession.
Results: Satisfaction with the EBP was identified in 56.6% of the women. Those satisfied with the EBP reportedthat its weight was not annoying (p<0.01). Although the women felt body sensations of stitches, pains, pulling,dormancy and phantom limb, they are satisfied with the EBP. The variable related to the displacement of thebreast prosthesis during activity of everyday life has demonstrated that even though the women have reportedthe possibility of displacements, they are satisfied with the EBP. The satisfaction with the use of external breastprosthesis did not affect the sexuality of the women with mastectomy.
Conclusions: Learning the specificities ofthe EBP, taking into consideration the satisfaction of its use, allows the rehabilitation team, by listening to theirclientele more attentively, following up this woman throughout her life journey, supporting and guiding the bestway of use, with an eye to her personal, emotional and social life, as well as to her self-esteem.