Clinical Features of Patients with Esophageal and Second Primary Cancers


Background: The prevalence of esophageal cancer (EC) with second primary cancers (SPC) is increasingworldwide. This study was aimed to understand the clinical features of EC patients with SPC in the Taiwanesepopulation. Materials and
Methods: Clinical and laboratory data for 180 EC patients with or without SPC werecollected between January 2009 and December 2013. Information on treatment approaches, location of SPCsand ABO blood type were also collected and stratified.
Results: The most common SPC in EC patients washypopharyngeal cancer, followed by laryngeal cancer and hepatocellular carcinoma in our study. Malignanciesof colon, prostate and lung were also found. There was a significant higher portion of blood type A in the ECpatients with SPC compared with those without (42.4% vs 19.5%, P=0.006).
Conclusions: The frequency andSPC site distribution and blood type A should be considered in clinical evaluation of EC patients with a highrisk of developing SPC in the Taiwanese population.