Inhibition of Metastasis and Invasion of Ovarian Cancer Cells by Crude Polysaccharides from Rosa Roxburghii Tratt in Vitro


Background: Rosa Roxburghii Tratt is a promising wild fruit crop in Southwest China. Its extracts havebeen used as traditional Chinese medicine, which benefit immune responses and cure various health disorders.However, whether Rosa Roxburghii Tratt polysaccharides could inhibit metastasis and invasion of ovarian cancercells remains unknown. Materials and
Methods: Effects of crude polysaccharides from Rosa Roxburghii Tratton the viability of ovarian cancer A2780 cells were detected by MTT assay. Ovarian carcinoma cell migrationand invasion after exposure to Rosa Roxburghii Tratt polysaccharides were quantified by wound healing andTranswell assays, respectively. Western blotting was applied to assess protein levels of MMP-9.
Results: Theresults indicated that Rosa Roxburghii Tratt polysaccharides significantly reduced wound closure rate of A2780cells, inhibited their migration and invasion, and suppressed the expression of MMP-9.
Conclusions: Our findingsindicated that Rosa Roxburghii Tratt polysaccharides have potential for develop as anti-metastatic cancer drugpreparations for ovarian cancer patients.