Oral Potentially Malignant Disorders among Dental Patients: a Pilot Study in Jordan


Background: To determine the prevalence, types, and risk factors of oral potentially malignant disorders(OPMDs) among a group of Arab Jordanian dental patients, and to evaluate their awareness and attitudes towardearly diagnosis and treatment. Materials and
Methods: A total of 1,041 patients attending a University Hospitalfor dental care were examined for the presence of OPMDs. Histopathological examination was performed onall cases clinically diagnosed and patients were directly interviewed to evaluate their knowledge and attitudestoward early detection and treatment of oral cancer.
Results: The prevalence of OPMDs overall was 2.8%.Lichen planus/lichenoid lesions were the most common lesions (1.8%) followed by leukoplakias (0.48%), chronichyperplastic candidiosis (0.38%), and erythroplakia (0.096%). Smoking, alcohol, and age (>40 years) werethe main identifiable risk factors. Patients with OPMDs displayed a general lack of awareness and negativeattitudes towards early diagnosis and treatment.
Conclusions: OPMDs among Arab dental patients are relativelyuncommon and awareness about oral cancer among Jordanian dental patients is low. Interventions to improvepublic knowledge about oral cancer and attitudes toward early diagnosis and treatment are urgently indicated.