Cross Sectional Survey on Association between Alcohol, Betel-Nut, Cigarette Consumption and Health Promoting Behavior of Industrial Workers in Ghaziabad


Background: The work force in industries are at risk of developing unduly high rates of health and behaviourrelated problems including abuse of alcohol, betel nut and cigarette (alcohol, betel nut and cigarette consumption).This study describes the relationships between alcohol, betel nut and cigarette consumption and health promotingbehaviour among industrial workers. Materials and
Methods: A cross sectional survey was conducted on workersin various industries of Ghaziabad city with concerned authority permission. A sample size of 732 workers wascalculated based on pilot study. Through Simple random sampling 732 workers in 20 to 50 years age groupwith informed consent were interviewed through structured, pretested, validated questionnaire in vernacularlanguage by one calibrated investigator. Data on socio demography, alcohol, betel nut and cigarette consumptionpattern and health behaviour were collected. The association between health promoting behaviour and alcohol,betel nut and cigarette consumption was analysed by Logistic regression and Chi-square test through SPSS 16at p<0.05 and 95%CI as significant.
Results: Total prevalence of alcohol, betel nut and cigarette consumptionin study population was 88%. The prevalence of individual alcohol, betel nut and cigarette consumption were82%, 68% and 79% respectively. Combined alcohol, betel nut and cigarette prevalence in study populationwas 58%. Alcohol and cigarette users were significantly higher (p<0.001) in 30 to 40 years age group with lowerlevel of education having poor attitude towards health promoting behaviour, poor oral hygiene practices andrare indulgence in regular physical exercise.
Conclusions: This study stimulate further research on exploringmethods to prevent initiation of health risk behaviour and promote healthy behaviour with cessation help forthe current alcohol, betel nut and cigarette users.