Gynaecological Cancer Mortality in Serbia, 1991-2010: A Joinpoint Regression Analysis


This descriptive epidemiological study aimed to analyse the mortality trends from gynaecological cancerin Serbia. Average annual percentage of change (AAPC) and the corresponding 95% confidence intervals(CIs) were computed for trend using joinpoint regression analysis. Nearly 25,000 gynaecological cancer deathsoccurred in Serbia during the 1991-2010 period, with the average annual age-standardised mortality rate being17.2 per 100,000 women. Increase of mortality was observed for cancer of the vulva and vagina (AAPC=+1.3%,95% CI=0.1 to 2.6), ovarian cancer (AAPC=+0.8%, 95% CI=0.4-1.3) and for cervical cancer (AAPC=+0.7%,95% CI=0.3 to 1.1). Mortality rates for gynaecological cancer overall declined in women aged 30-39 years, butmortality was increased in middle-aged women (for cervical cancer) and in the elderly (for ovarian cancer).Improvements to and implementation of the national cervical cancer screening programme conducted in 2013a nd expected to be finalised in the following years throughout Serbia should contribute to improvement.