Incidence Data for Breast Cancer among Yemeni Female Patients with Palpable Breast Lumps


Purpose: To estimate the incidence of breast cancer in Yemeni female patients presenting with a breast mass.Materials and
Methods: This retrospective study was carried out with 595 female patients with palpable breastlumps, attending to Alkuwait university hospital, Sana’a, Yemen. Triple assessment, including breast examination,mammography and biopsy (FNAC, core needle, or excision), for all patients were performed.
Results: Theincidences of benign and malignant lesions was calculated. Some 160 (26.9%) of 595 patients had malignancies;213 (35.8%) were fibroadenomas; 12 (2.0%) were fibrocystic change; 143 (24.03%) were inflammatory lesions(including mastitis and ductectasia); 62 (10.4%) were simple cysts, while 5 (0.8%) were phyllodes tumors. Themean age of patients with malignant lumps was 44.3 years.
Conclusions: Among Yemeni female patients withpalpable breast lumps, the rate of breast cancer is high, with occurrence at an earlier age than in Westerncountries. Improving breast cancer awareness programs and increasing breast cancer screening centers inbdifferent areas of Yemen are needed to establish early diagnosis and offer early and optimal treatment