Breast Cancer Risk Assessment Using the Gail Model: a Turkish Study


Purpose: This study was conducted to determine risk of developing of breast cancer among Turkish women.Materials and
Methods: Using a descriptive and cross-sectional approach, data were collected from 231 women.Breast cancer risk was calculated using the National Cancer Institute’s on-line verson of called as the BreastCancer Risk Assessment Tool or the Gail Risk Assesment Tool.
Results: The average age of women was 45.0±8.06years. It was revealed that 6.1% of participants reported having first degree relatives who had had breast cancer,with only four women having more than one first-degree relative affected (1.7%). The mean five-year breastcancer risk for all women was 0.88±0.91%, and 7.4% of women had a five-year breast cancer risk >1.66% inthis study. Mean lifetime breast cancer risk up to age 90 years was 9.3±5.2%.
Conclusions: The breast cancerrisk assessment tool can help in the clinical management of patient seeking advice concerning screening andprevention. Healthcare providers in Turkey can use this approach to estimate an individual’s probability ofdeveloping breast cancer.