Regulatory Network of MicroRNAs, Target Genes, Transcription Factors and Host Genes in Endometrial Cancer


Genes and microRNAs (miRNAs) have important roles in human oncology. However, most of the biologicalfactors are reported in disperse form which makes it hard to discover the pathology. In this study, genes andmiRNAs involved in human endometrial cancer(EC) were collected and formed into regulatory networksfollowing their interactive relations, including miRNAs targeting genes, transcription factors (TFs) regulatingmiRNAs and miRNAs included in their host genes. Networks are constructed hierarchically at three levels:differentially expressed, related and global. Among the three, the differentially expressed network is the mostimportant and fundamental network that contains the key genes and miRNAs in EC. The target genes, TFsand miRNAs are differentially expressed in EC so that any mutation in them may impact on EC development.Some key pathways in networks were highlighted to analyze how they interactively influence other factors andcarcinogenesis. Upstream and downstream pathways of the differentially expressed genes and miRNAs werecompared and analyzed. The purpose of this study was to partially reveal the deep regulatory mechanisms inEC using a new method that combines comprehensive genes and miRNAs together with their relationships. Itmay contribute to cancer prevention and gene therapy of EC.