Prognostic Value of ALDH1A3 Promoter Methylation in Gliob;astoma: A Single Center Experience in Western China


Background: Aberrations in gene methylation patterns play important roles in gliomagenesis. However,whether the ALDH1A3 promoter methylation is related to prognoses of primary glioblastomas (GBMs) in WesternChina remains unclear. Materials and
Methods: Methylation levels of ALDH1A3 CpG island in 36 GBMs wereidentified by pyrophosphate sequencing, while ALDH1A3 expression was assessed with matched paraffin sectionimmunohistochemistry. Survival curves were analysed by Kaplan-Meier.
Results: The hypermethylation statusof ALDH1A3 promoter predicted a better prognosis accompanied with low expression of ALDH1A3 protein.
Conclusions: Our results indicate ALDH1A3 promoter methylation correlates with prognosis in primary GBMs.