Quantitative Assessment of the Diagnostic Role of CDH13 Promoter Methylation in Lung Cancer


In order to explore the association between cadherin 13 (CDH13) gene promoter methylation and lungcarcinoma (LC) risk, we carried out a meta-analysis with searching of PubMed, Web of Science. Ultimately,17 articles were identified and analysised by STATA 12.0 software. Overall, we found a significant relationshipbetween CDH13 promoter methylation and LC risk (odds ratio=6.98, 95% confidence interval: 4.21-11.56,p<0.001). Subgroup analyses further revealed that LC risk was increased for individuals carrying the methylatedCDH13 compared with those with unmethylated CDH13. Hence, our study identified a strong association betweenCDH13 gene promoter methylation and LC and highlighted a promising potential for CDH13 methylation inLC risk prediction.