Multifaceted Usage of HPV Related Tests and Products in the Management of Cervical Cancer - a Review


HPV viruses are integral to the development of cervical cancer. The pathogenesis has been extensivelystudied. To date, numerous HPV tests and products have been developed and successfully utilized in diagnosis,treatment and prevention of cervical cancer. The HPV DNA test, when combined with other routine cervicalcancer screening and diagnostic tests namely exfoliative cytology, visual inspection with acetic acid (VIA) andcolposcopy has increased the detection rate of cervical cancer. HPV DNA products could also be measured inother body fluids like urine, lymph node tissue, and serum. HPV association could also be quantified by measuringother parameters like HPV mRNA, viral load, viral integration and methylation status. Vaccination against HPVhas been found to decrease the incidence of cervical cancer. Further, therapeutic vaccines for cervical canceragainst HPV continue to evolve. All these findings pertaining to HPV could possibly decrease the incidence ofcervical cancer in the near future. This review aims to give an overview of the HPV tests and products in useand those under trial currently.