Efficacy of Mannatide Combined with Sodium Cantharidate Vitamin B6 in the Treatment of Malignant Pleural Effusions


Objective: To evaluate the efficacy of mannatide combined with sodium cantharidate vitamin B6 in thetreatment of malignant pleural effusions. Materials and
Methods: Data for 69 patients with malignant pleuraleffusions who did not receive systemic chemotherapy were collected. Injection into the thorax using mannatidecombined with sodium cantharidate vitamin B6 was performed for 37 patients in the experimental group andmannatide combined with cisplatin for 32 patients in the control group. Objective responses, KPS (KarnofskyScoring) and incidences of side effects between the two groups were compared.
Results: 13 patients reachedCR (complete response) and 11 PR (partial response) in the experimental group, while 12 patients reached CRand 9 PR in the control group, the difference in overall objective responses between the two groups not beingsignificant (66.7% vs 63.6%, p=0.806). However, improvement of KPS in the experimental group wasgreaterthan in the control group; total side-effect incidences during the period of treatment were 22.2% (8/36) and54.5% (18/33), respectively (p=0.006).
Conclusions: Regimen of mannatide combined with sodium cantharidatevitamin B6 had better improvement in quality-of-life and symptom relief, with a lower side-effect incidence intreatment of malignant pleural effusions.