Coenzyme Complex Decreased Cardiotoxicity When Combined with Chemotherapy in Treating Elderly Patients with Gastrointestinal Cancer


Objective: To investigate the effect of coenzyme complex on decreasing cardiotoxicity in elderly patients withgastrointestinal cancer who were treated by chemotherapy.
Methods: From September 2011 to February 2015,we recruited 54 elderly (with more than 70 years of age) patients with gastrointestinal cancer, with advanceddisease. Then treated with chemotherapy combined with or without coenzyme complex. After two cycles oftreatment, the effect of coenzyme complex on decreasing cardiotoxicity were evaluated.
Results: Chemotherapywas combined with coenzyme complex in 32 patients (22man, 10 woman; median age: 74 years, range: 70-87years) without coenzyme complex in 22 patients (15man, 7 woman; median age: 73 years, range: 70-80 years) withgastrointestinal cancer. Cardiac event was significantly lower in patients treated with chemotherapy combinedwith coenzyme complex (p<0.01).
Conclusions: Coenzyme Complex decreased cardiotoxicity when combinedwith chemotherapy in treating elderly patients with gastrointestinal cancer.