Breast Cancer Statistics and Prediction Methodology: A Systematic Review and Analysis


Breast cancer is a menacing cancer, primarily affecting women. Continuous research is going on for detectingbreast cancer in the early stage as the possibility of cure in early stages is bright. There are two main objectivesof this current study, first establish statistics for breast cancer and second to find methodologies which can behelpful in the early stage detection of the breast cancer based on previous studies. The breast cancer statistics forincidence and mortality of the UK, US, India and Egypt were considered for this study. The finding of this studyproved that the overall mortality rates of the UK and US have been improved because of awareness, improvedmedical technology and screening, but in case of India and Egypt the condition is less positive because of lackof awareness. The methodological findings of this study suggest a combined framework based on data miningand evolutionary algorithms. It provides a strong bridge in improving the classification and detection accuracyof breast cancer data.