Eyelid Tumors: Clinical Data from an Eye Center in Ankara,Turkey


Introduction: The aim of the study was to explore the distribution of eyelid tumors in Ankara, the capitalcity of Turkey, from a histopathological point of view. Materials and
Methods: Medical records of 1,502 patientswho had eyelid surgery because of tumoral lesions were retrospectively reviewed after obtaining institutionalreview board approval. A total of 1,541 lesions with histopathologic diagnosis were included. Inflammatorytumoral lesions were excluded. The lesions were categorized into three groups according to the origin: epidermal,adnexal tumors and ‘others’, including melanocytic, neural and vascular lesions.
Results: Of the total of 1,541,908 lesions were epidermal in origin. Only 22 (1.5%) were malignant, and 6.0% was premalignant lesions suchas actinic keratosis and Bowen’s disease. Twenty-one of 22 malignant lesions were basal cell carcinoma. Therewas only one patient with squamous cell carcinoma and no sebaceous cell carcinoma. Among the benign tumors(92.5%), squamous papilloma was the most frequent (21.8% of all lesions). The other frequent lesions were nevus(17.6%), seborrheic keratosis (17.3%), hydrocystomas (10.6%), xanthelasma (7.6%) and epidermal cysts (7.2%).
Conclusions: The results of this study are in accordance with published literature. The absence of sebaceous cellcarcinomas needs to be stressed.