A Randomized Controlled Trial Comparing Clinical Outcomes and Toxicity of Lobaplatin- Versus Cisplatin-Based Concurrent Chemotherapy Plus Radiotherapy and High-Dose-Rate Brachytherapy for FIGO Stage II and III Cervical Cancer


Background: We designed this randomized controlled trial (RCT) to assess whether lobaplatin-basedconcurrent chemotherapy might be superior to cisplatin-based concurrent chemotherapy for FIGO stage II andIII cervical cancer in terms of efficacy and safety. Materials and
Methods: This prospective, open-label RCTaims to enroll 180 patients with FIGO stage II and III cervical cancer, randomly allocated to one of the threetreatment groups (cisplatin 15mg/m2, cisplatin 20mg/m2 and lobaplatin 35mg/m2), with 60 patients in each group.All patients will receive external beam irradiation (EBRT) and high-dose-rate intracavitary brachytherapy(HDR-ICBT). Patients in cisplatin 15mg/m2 and 20mg/m2 groups will be administered four cycles of 15mg/m2or 20mg/m2 cisplatin intravenously once weekly from the second week to the fifth week during EBRT, whilepatients inthe lobaplatin 35mg/m2 group will be administered two cycles of 35mg/m2 lobaplatin intravenouslyin the second and fifth week respectively during pelvic EBRT. All participants will be followed up for at least 12months. Complete remission rate and progression-free survival (PFS) will be the primary endpoints. Overallsurvival (OS), incidence of adverse events (AEs), and quality of life will be the secondary endpoints.
Results:Between March 2013 and March 2014, a total of 61 patients with FIGO stage II and III cervical cancer wererandomly assigned to cisplatin 15mg/m2 group (n=21), cisplatin 20mg/m2 group (n=21) and lobaplatin 35mg/m2group (n=19). We conducted a preliminary analysis of the results. Similar rates of complete remission and grades3-4 gastrointestinal reactions were observed for the three treatment groups (P=0.801 and 0.793, respectively).Grade 3-4 hematologic toxicity was more frequent in the lobaplatin group than the cisplatin group.
Conclusions:This proposed study will be the first RCT to evaluate whether lobaplatin-based chemoraiotherapy will havebeneficial effects, compared with cisplatin-based chemoradiotherapy, on complete remission rate, PFS, OS, AEsand quality of life for FIGO stage II and III cervical cancer.