Time - and Concentration - Dependent Effects of Resveratrol on miR 15a and miR16-1 Expression and Apoptosis in the CCRF-CEM Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia Cell Line


Background: Chemotherapy is one of the common approaches in treatment of cancers, especially leukemia.However, drug resistance phenomena reduce the likelihood of treatment success. Resveratrol is a herbal compoundwhich through complicated processes makes some selected cells sensitive to treatment and induction of apoptosis.In the present study, the effects of resveratrol on the expression of miR 15a and miR16-1 and apoptosis inthe CCRF-CEM cell line were investigated. Materials and
Methods: The CCRF-CEM cell line was culturedunder standard conditions and changes in miR 15a and miR 16-1 expression were analyzed by real time-PCRtechnique, with attention to reveratrol dose and time dependence. Also, apoptosis is evaluated by flow cytometryusing annexin V and PI.
Results: CCRF-CEM cells underwent dose-dependent apoptotic cell death in responseto resveratrol. MiR 15a and miR 16-1 expression was up-regulated after 24 and 48 hours resveratrol treatment(p<0.05).
Conclusions: The results of our study indicate that resveratrol induces apoptosis in a time and dosedependentmanner in CCRF-CEM cells. Also, increased expression level of miR 16-1 and miR 15a by means ofresveratrol in CCRF-CEM cells might have a role in apoptosis induction and predisposition. According to ourresults resveratrol can be regarded as a dietary supplement to improve efficacy of anti-leukemia therapies.