Spatial and Temporal Epidemiological Assessment of Breast Cancer Incidence and Mortality in Kazakhstan, 1999-2013


Breast cancer incidence and mortality in Kazakhstan are considered to be increasing but exact statisticshave hitherto been lacking. The present study was therefore undertaken to retrospectively assess data for thewhole country, accessed from the central registration office, for the period 1999-2013. Age standardized datafor incidence and mortality were generated and compared across age groups. It was determined that duringthe studied period 45,891 new cases of breast cancer were registered and 20,122 women died of this pathology.Average breast cancer incidence and mortality were 37.9±1.10/105 and 16.7±0.20/105 respectively, and theoverall ratio of mortality/incidence (M/I) was 0.44. Incidence tended to increase (T = + 2.3%), and mortalityto decrease (T of =−0.3%). Peaks of incidence and mortality were noted in those aged 60-74 years and 75-84,respectively. Particularly high incidences were established in large cities of Kazakhstan, Astana (46.8±1.80/105)and Almaty (49.7±1.30/105), and high mortality was observed in the Pavlodar region (17.9±0.60/105) and Almatycity (20.1±0.40/105). Considerable variation in the mortality/incidence ratio was noted, suggesting the need formore stress on access to screening and clinical care in some regions of the country.