Effects of Conditioned Medium from Breast Cancer Cells on TLR2 Expression in NB4 Cells


Background: Breast cancer is the most common neoplasm in women and the  most frequent cause of death in those between 35 and 55 years of age. All multicellular organisms have an innate immune system, whereas the adaptive or ‘acquired’ immune system is restricted to vertebrates. This study focused on the effect of conditioned medium isolated from cultured breast cancer cells on NB4 neutrophil like cells. Materials and
Methods: In the current study neutrophil-like NB4 cells were incubated with MCF 7 cell-conditioned medium. After 6 h incubation the intracellular receptor TLR2, was analyzed.
Results: The results revealed that MCF-7 cell-conditioned medium elicited expression of TLR2 in NB4 cells.
Conclusions: This treatment would result in the production of particular stimulants (i.e. soluble cytokines), eliciting the expression of immune system receptors. Furthermore, the flow cytometry results demonstrated that MCF-7 cell-conditioned medium elicited an effect on TLR2 intracellular receptors.