Digital Breast Tomosynthesis in Addition to Conventional 2DMammography Reduces Recall Rates and is Cost-Effective


General Surgery Division, San Raffaele Hospital, VitaSalute San Raffaele University, Milan, Italy Email :


Digital breast tomosynthesis (DBT) as a breast cancer screening modality, through generation of three-dimensional images during standard mammographic compression, can reduce interference from breast tissue overlap, increasing conspicuity of invasive cancers while concomitantly reducing false-positive results. We here conducted a systematic review on previous studies to synthesize the evidence of DBT efficacy, eventually 18 articles being included in the analysis. The most commonly emerging topics were advantages of DBT screening tool in terms of recall rates, cancer detection rates and cost-effectiveness, preventing unnecessary burdens on women and the healthcare system. Further research is needed to evaluate the potential impact of DBT on longer-term outcomes, such as interval cancer rates and mortality, to better understand the broader clinical and economic implications of its adoption.