Investigating Sexual Function and Affecting Factors in Women with Breast Cancer in Iran


Department of Radiotherapy, Ghaem Hospital, Mashhad University of Medical Sciences, Mashhad, Iran Email :


Background: Since the breast is strongly relevant to sexual desire, and physical and sexual attractiveness, the high prevalence of breast cancer (BC) in Iran and longterm survival of patients experiencing side effects means that measures to identify associated sexual problems are necessary. Therefore, this study was conducted to assess sexual function and affecting factors in women with BC. Materials and Methods: This crosssectional study was performed on 94 women with BC, referred to Imam Reza (AS) Hospital, Mashhad, Iran, in 2014. The data were collected through demographic and clinical questionnaires and also a sexual function questionnaire and analyzed using SPSS version 16. Results: The total score of womens sexual function was about 24.34.41. Of the total, 63 (71.3%) reported sexual dysfunction, for example reduced satisfaction or more pain. Age was the only significantly related factor. Conclusions: Breast cancer can adversely affect womens sexual function and decrease quality of life. Thus, taking measures to overcome womens sexual problems are necessary.