Lack of Any Role of Systemic In ammatory Responses in Predicting Muscle Invasion by Bladder Cancer


Medicalpark Gaziantep Hospital, Department of Urology, Gaziantep, Turkey


Background The purpose of this study is to evaluate if there is a relation between platelet lymphocyte ratio (PLR) and neutrophil lymphocyte ratio (NLR) values and tumour histology and spread in bladder cancer cases. Materials and Methods Bladder cancer patients undergoing TUR-M operation, with histopathologically veri ed diagnosis, followed-up and treated at the Private Medical Park Gaziantep Hospital between 2010 and 2015, have were included in the study. NLR and PLR values were calculated using complete blood count data obtained at the rst presentation. Results A total of 99 patients were included in the study, 7 (7.1%) women and 92 men (92.9%). When NLR was used as the indicator of systemic in ammatory response (SIR), it was determined that, 52 (52.5%) of the patients were SIR negative and 47 (47.5%) SIR positive. No signi cant relation could be detected between NLR and tumour grade and muscle invasion (p0.948, p0.480). When PLR was used as SIR indicator, it was determined that 71 (71.7%) of the patients were found as negative and 28 (28.3%) as positive. No signi cant relation could be detected between PLR and tumour grade and muscle invasion (p0.651, p0.494). Conclusions In our study we did not detected a relation between tumour histological behavior and PLR and NLR in bladder cancer. However, NLR and PLR are easily calculated, accessible, inexpensive and simple-to-use laboratory data from whole blood counts.